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We offer 100% Fresh and Pure Deer Urine . Our collection system is like no other. Please checkout our Deer Scent Page.

Majestic Whitetails is located in Southern Ohio. We started our Deer Farming business about 8 years ago with 2 Whitetail Doe. We now have around 50 Deer in our herd. We have some of the top pedigrees in the industry and breed for large body and typical frames. We have expanded our Deer breeding operation into a urine collection business as well as a newly acquired 400+ acre farm in Nicholas County Ky that we offer free range Whitetail hunts.

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Majestic Whitetails is proud to offer free range White Deer Archery Only Hunts on our 400+ Acre farm in Nicholas County Kentucky.

( Image taken after 2017 Gun Season )

MW Brewster

We offer Whitetail Fawns, Adult Doe, Stocker Bucks and Breeder Bucks for Sale in the Deer Farming Industry. Please check out our Deer Sales page.

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