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 Doe-N-Heat Scent

​$12.00 - 2oz. Spray Bottle

Deer Scent For Sale

​Guaranteed to Driv'em Knuckin Futz

​Here at Majestic Whitetails we offer some of the finest Deer Scent on the market today. First off we bottle raise most all of our Doe Fawns and one or two Buck Fawns every year. This process gives us a very tame and workable herd. Our collection process is like no other in the industry, we collect from one Deer at a time and the urine never hits the ground. The urine goes from a collection jar to a jar with the Deer's name on it in the refrigerator.

​Our urine is 100% Fresh and Pure with absolutely no additives.

 Buck Scent

​$10.00 - 2oz. Spray Bottle

Doe Scent

​$10.00 - 2oz. Spray Bottle

A little something about Fresh Deer Urine:

Fresh deer urine, when collected and used as a tool, will produce results, period!! Look at deer urine as a animal by-product just as the milk you pour in your coffee each morning or dump on your bowl of favorite cereal. You would not think of going into a store and buying a gallon of milk that has been sitting on the store shelf for months and years on end at room temperature? Heck no you wouldn't.... So why would you buy urine (another animal by-product) that has been sitting on the shelves at room temp for months or years? I don't know why either, but millions of dollars are spent each year on old stale urines..

A Deer Farmer conducted a test on the urines that were collected from there deer. Here are the results they found..... Using plain old aquatic Ph test strips that can purchased at wally world, they took two gallons of freshly collected deer urine and compared the results keeping one gallon in the fridge and leaving one gallon sit out at room temp.

Within 3 days, the gallon that was left to sit out at room temperature had a ph equivalent to ammonia solution, which is a ph Level of 12....

Surprisingly the gallon that was refrigerated hovered at around 7-8 ph for about the first 3 weeks. Just for the record, urine upon being expelled has a normal Ph range of +/- 6.5 to 7.5 depending largely on the diet....

From 3 -5 weeks after refrigeration, the Ph level slowly climbed to 9 - 9.5. At around 6 weeks the urine had made it 10 and by the 8th week, the urine had finally reached 12, which again is equivalent to ammonia solution.

The unofficial findings concluded that by keeping the urine cold, the temperature did not supply the ideal environment for the bacteria to feed and reproduce, just as with the milk, but I surely would not use 8 week old milk in my coffee....

Now as for smell, I can attest to the fact that "fresh doe urine" definitely has a perfumery smell to it and the buck urine has a harder musky smell to it. Nothing even remotely close to the smell of the pungent odors that we are used to buying from the shelves.... 

Anyway, I just have to ask one more question for you all to think about.... When was the last time you stood at a urinal and urinated the color of coffee? I have yet to pee the color of coffee and have it as thick as tar... I also have yet, after  years of collecting deer urine, seen a buck or doe urinated any other color than real light golden brown from the doe to a reddish tint of testosterone in the buck..... 

​​Majestic Whitetails